Workshop untuk mahasiswa (s1,s2,s3)

Jum'at, 14 Oktober 2016 00:00 WIB

assalamualaikum, ini ada workshop untuk mahasiswa (S1,S2,S3) : THE POST SUMMIT WORKSHOP FOR STUDENT LEADERS FROM 18-20 N0V 2016]

Workshop ini fully sponsored oleh bank rakyat malaysia, sponsor termasuk tiket kapal terbang-akomodasidan makan, program workshop ini dapat di akses melalui web :

The WICULS 2016 Post-Summit Workshop for Young Muslim Student Leaders is a 3-day workshop designed especially for university student leaders who have maintained full attendance at the WICULS 2016 Summit. In addition, this workshop is also organized to gather youth community leaders around ASEAN to discuss current scenarios of community education and higher education in their respective nations. It is expected that the youth leaders will share relevant inputs on their active contributions toward the development of the communities through the initiation of various programs and projects at various community levels. The workshop will draw on the experience and perspectives of the young leaders in articulating a future for higher education underpinned by the scenarios in their respective localities.

Participants from the Summit will come away with awareness on the issues afflicting the Muslim ummah and an understanding on the causal factors for the decline in the capacity of universities to bring about societal change and development particularly for the Muslim ummah; while identifying the possible solutions. As future leaders of universities and in the higher education sector, the young leaders are expected to use the knowledge acquired in the Summit, as the basis for discussions in the workshop in order to envision scenarios of higher education in the future.

This Post-Summit Workshop for Young Muslim Student Leaders will be conducted by Prof. Dr. Sohail Inayatullah, an expert in the field of Future Studies from Tamkang University, Taiwan.


*Please be inform that the selected students will be sponsored by the post-summit committee (Bank Rakyat)